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Bacterial Ghosts (BGs) are empty, non-living bacterial envelopes of Gram-negative bacteria. They are produced by controlled expression of the cloned bacteriophage gene E, which forms a lysis-tunnel structure within the envelope of living bacteria. The remaining shell is a cell envelope which maintains all surface proteins of the original bacterium in its native state. Although non-living it is therefore the nature of BGs to express all the structural, immunogenic and bio-adhesive properties of the original ancestral bacterium.

BGs are highly sophisticated natural micrometer particles mimicking by their surface properties living bacteria and, therefore represent safe and effective candidates for vaccines and tumor therapy.

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BG Technology
Bacterial Ghost
Our Story

BIRD-C is a pioneer in the applications of cutting-edge BG platform technology, offering scale-able solutions for delivery of biologically active substances (e.g. chemotherapeutic drugs), vaccines and adjuvants against emerging and existing infectious and life threatening diseases with an innovative focus on Bacterial Ghosts Cancer Immunotherapy (BGCI).

Founded by Prof. Werner Lubitz in 1998, the company has focused on development of a unique, internationally renowned and proprietary technology platform that allows for the generation of empty bacterial shells, so called Bacterial Ghosts (BGs).

Another platform is the production of bacteriophages (virus against bacteria) and their use for the control of bacterial pathogens and related infections.

Today BIRD-C engages in contract research and business partnerships for Pharma companies and collaborations with renowned academic research institutions worldwide. It is BIRD-C´s policy to actively support its product development partner and licensees during the product development, evaluation and production process to ensure a successful technology transfer and application of BG-based product.

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BIRD-C (Biotech Innovation Research Development & Consulting) is a SME based in Vienna, Austria, working with a professional and skilled team of like-minded research personal and contract manufacturers all sharing a vision for success of the various applications of its proprietary Bacterial Ghost (BG) platform technology.

BIRD-C's aim is to set new standard in fields of advanced drug delivery, immobilized bio-catalysts,  prevention and control of human and veterinary infectious diseases based on its BG platform and expertise in bacteriophage bio-control.

With many years of R&D experience in the different areas mentioned above and more recently in tumor therapy, we are presenting new strategies for an affordable cancer immunotherapy based on applications of the BG platform technology.


Bacterial Ghost (IM and OM)
BG Versatility
BG Versatility

The principle of the Bacterial Ghost platform technology is that all BG applications are based on the use of BGs either in their most primal form as empty envelope structures or in their modified form as carriers for antigens enzymes, drugs, receptor ligands or therapeutic nucleic acids and combinations thereof.

BGs are perfectly suited as carriers for target antigens of diverse origin. Target antigens can be anchored within the inner and outer membrane, in the periplasmic space as well as in the inner lumen of bacterial ghosts. BGs can also be used as delivery vehicles for nucleic acid based vaccines. The interaction of its surface ligands with receptors on professional antigen presenting cells is most important for the adjuvant properties of BGs.

Most recently BGs have been used in personalized medicine for Cancer Immunotherapy (BGCI). BGCI represents a novel approach towards tumor vaccines, drug delivery and add-on adjuvants to conventional tumor immunotherapy representing an affordable valid alternative over existing oncologic products and technologies.

In addition, BGs can be loaded with biological active compounds, then representing ideal, target oriented drug delivery vehicles for use in medicine or for pesticide delivery in agriculture.

What is described for BGs as carriers of antigens is also true for BGs as carrier of enzymes or structural elements converting BGs into micro-reactors for the synthesis of chemical compounds in white biotechnology or technical capture particles for bio-remediation or aerosol condensation.


Phage Hunting and Production

BIRD-C has the skills and provides optimized phage isolation, identification and characterization of phages for specific bacterial pathogens in veterinary and human medicine or environmental pathogen control. Process development for scalability and formulation of high titer phages as deliverables for customers can be performed as contract research.BIRD-C can also assist in patent protection of newly isolated pathogen-specific phages.

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Rapid Bacterial Detection System (RBDS)

BIRD-C is working on prototype of handheld and stationary RBDS devices available for field, community or hospital use and adapted to customers need. This system based on specific recognition of bacteria by bacteriophages which carry a fluorescent label. RBDS can detect MRSA and/or other pathogenic nosocomial infections well under 30 min.

If  you looking for such kind of diagnostic kits, please contact us for more details and read more about the system itself.

MRSA Detection viaPhage

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Our Management Team

BIRD-C is dedicated to bring BG technology to application.

Abbas Muhammad

Abbas Muhammad

Head of Vaccine Development

“Knowledge is lock, and the key is question”
Questioning the effect of BGs on cancer micro environment lead us to new therapeutic area called Bacterial Ghost Cancer Immunotherapy (BGCI). What we do today here in BIRD-C can improve many peoples tomorrow.

Werner Lubitz

Werner Lubitz

Founder and CEO

"Why is the BG system tickling my mind? BGs provide a toolbox to inspire your imagination. You start with living bacteria (minute space ship particles) in micrometer size which for specific purposes can become furnished with nanometer equipment (e.g. new ligands, antigens, enzymes, drugs, nucleic acids, sensors etc) by genetic engineering or chemical modification"

Mascha Rauscher

Mascha Rauscher

Chief Production Officer

“The most unique moments are people asking me about my profession. I am a ghost cook!”

Advisory Board

Chairman Advisory Board

Axel Kirsch, M.D, PhD

Legal Advisor

Ulrich Lohmann, LL.M

Scientific Advisor for Veterinary Medicine

Ernst Leidinger, DVM, PhD

Scientific Advisor for Immunology

Carlos A. Guzman, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor for Oncology

Robert Mader, PhD

Scientific Advisor for Biochemical Engineering

Christoph Herwig, PhD

Media & Press Updates
Euro Trans Bio

EuroTransBio (ETB) Project DESCAR granted.

Oct. 1, 2017

The project "scar treatment by restoration of skin structure and elasticity (DESCAR)" is funded by EuroTransBio through FFG - Austria via project number ETB-2017-32, DESCAR.


BIRD-C GmbH entered
into a research and development cooperation with PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH, Vienna Austria.

May 1, 2018

To circumvent the urgent medical need to develop alternatives to antibiotics, PhagoMed is accelerating the reintroduction of Phage therapy into western medicine. For more details please click here.

CanSino Biologics.jpg

CanSinoBIO joins hands with BIRD-C to explore BGs based Vaccine Solutions.

June 1, 2019

CANSINO BIOLOGICS INC. (CanSinoBIO) is China’s dynamic bio-tech leader blazing new paths in R&D, manufacturing and commercialisation of vaccine products for human use.
For more details click here.

ChanPharm gmbH

BIRD-C GmbH entered into a research and development cooperation with ChanPharm GmbH Vienna, Austria.

Jan. 1, 2018

ChanPharm is a spin-off company of the University of Vienna. As a contract research organization (CRO) ChanPharm provides high quality drug screening services.

BG Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy

Bacteria - Infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases

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